Who The Hell Are These Guys?


Since 2012, Gideon Irving has been touring his Stove Top Folk, one-man musical show through living rooms across New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Scotland, England and the US. He has traveled by bicycle, Roller Blades with shopping cart and Subaru, playing in over 500 homes thus far. He has been featured in various media including The New Yorker, Time Out, Vice, The Village Voice, The New York Times and The Atlantic.

Nate “Hubcap” Sloan is a composer, performer and Historical Musicologist of impeccable style and above-average height. His scholarship can be found at your local academic conference, on the occasional radio program, and every two weeks in the podcast Switched on Pop. Hubcap also plays piano in the improv ensemble the Dave Harrington Group and has scored shows for the Playwrights Rep theatre festival, as well as the award-winning short doc Slomo.

Friends since childhood and lovers in another galaxy, Gid and Hub have toured across the US of A and in 2015 they brought their show out of the home and into the Fringe Festival of Edinburgh. There they enjoyed a critically acclaimed run at a theater next to a giant upside down purple cow, and almost won a Total Theatre award in Innovation. They were featured in Time Out, The ScotsmanChortle Comedy and ThreeWeeks, and made appearances on BBC Radio ScotlandBBC Radio 5 , and BBC TV’s The One Show. In Spring 2016, Gideon and Hubcap wrote original music for a production of the classic farce The School for Scandal by the Red Bull Theatre Company in NYC. After Summer 2016’s Small Towns and Islands Scotland tour they will be bringing their home show to London’s Soho Theater on July 28th, 29th and 30th.

If you might like to host a show in your home some day, wherever you may be, or if you may know someone who might like to host a show in their home please send an email to [email protected] with that thought. You and your friends are how we keep this going!


Aside from the odd festival, we play in people’s homes. Not people who regularly host shows in their homes, but regular people who have never had a show in their home. We find all our hosts through our audience members writing down their friends’ names and contacts on our maps after our shows. Our network of hosts and audiences is a forever expanding and global network that can be traced through infinite spider webs of origin. WE found Jon Lawrence in London through Karen who came to Kwami’s home in Oakland, CA, who we met through Kurt in Utah at Vikki’s house who was put on the map by Jessi from South Africa who was brought to the show by her half-brother Maciek in Clive, Iowa. Our audience is our publicity team.

We keep our shows and our songs off the internet cause we want our audience to know as little as possible when they sit down on the couch or the floor or the bean bag. We are able to manage this by thriving off word of mouth. Our audience is our promotion team and booking agent. We spend the night with our hosts! We don’t play in clubs, halls or coffeeshops. We play in homes. Our show was expressly created to be heard in a home. It takes advantage of the intimacy—physical and emotional—generated by encountering guerrilla-vaudeville-folk music in someone’s living room. Depending on the host, audience and the unique contours of each house, each night is the Gideon and Hubcap Show is different, something only those people, in that place, at that time, will ever experience.